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Companies That Buy Houses in Baton Rouge — Are They Credible?

Are Cash Home Buyers Credible

Have you ever sold a house? If not, the process can feel intimidating. You see fliers and posters of people offering to buy houses all the time, and you might wonder if they can help. The truth is, if you find a good property investor, their expertise can make selling your house a simple process.

So what about Geaux Home Buyers? Are they credible? We can say yes and call it a day, or we can dig deeper and explore your justifiable concerns. Once you see how the business works, it will be more clear why you can trust us to buy properties exactly as we say we will.

Mutual Purpose

The purpose of a property investing business is to help people sell homes for mutual benefit. A property investor can legally buy any property that can legally be sold. For the business model, they typically target homes that are hard to sell — those with major flaws, owners facing foreclosure, or other issues that put pressure on sales.

The normal procedure for a property investor is to offer a below-market price for the house, but it’s a cash offer, which allows the sale to process very quickly. People who need to sell in a hurry have a reliable option, and the investor makes money because the offer is below what they might be able to get out of the investment.

What matters is that these agreements are mutual. The seller is taking the lower offer because of the advantages of the easy sale. Sellers are never obligated to sell to a property investor until after they sign a contract committing to as much.

What About Scams?

Unfortunately, scammers are a part of this world, and those that exist give property investors a bad name. The key to beating scams is to know a few industry insights. First, never sign a contract until you’re sure about the sale.

Second, you can learn about the seller to look for signs of trouble. Property investors don’t have to use high-pressure sales tactics. Real property investors are professionals; they don’t need to cut any corners because they’re very good at buying properties. That means they don’t need to do “kitchen-table closings.” These are deals where they push you to sign the deed when they come to your house rather than present and go over a real contract with you.

How Do You Know?

The best way to judge a property investor is by how they interact with you. You can express interest and get an offer. Geaux Home Buyers will give you an offer on your house, no matter its condition. With no obligation on your part, you get to hear the offer and then make up your mind. That’s the key to mutual benefit. The process is supposed to be empowering. We’ll never lie to convince you you’re getting the absolute most you can for the house. If you want to squeeze every penny out of the place, a slower process might be the better route, but if you want a sure offer and a streamlined sale, we can provide that. You just decide whether our offer is right for you.

To give you a better idea, let’s talk about how the cash for homes process works. We aren’t going to come knocking on your door out of the blue and offer to buy your house. Instead, you can fill out our form to express interest. When you provide a few basics about the house and fill in your contact information, we’ll get back to you, typically within 24 hours. In that conversation, we’ll schedule a walkthrough. We use the walkthrough to assess the home and determine its value. From there, we’ll do some research on our end, and then we’ll reach out with a formal offer.

When you receive your offer, you are under no obligation to accept it. You can think about what you want and what is right for you, and that’s how you know the business is reputable. Our goal is to provide a reliable way for anyone to sell their house. We absolutely try to make a profit doing it, but there are no special tricks necessary. When the convenience or efficiency of our process is worth it, then we can craft a sale that helps both parties. Everyone walks away a winner. Contact us today to get started.

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