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We Buy Houses Fast for Cash in Merrydale, Louisiana

Here at Geaux Home Buyers, our long-standing goal is to help Louisiana homeowners like you. When it comes time to sell, we know you want the best deal possible. That’s why, when you call or fill out our contact form, we’ll work fast to examine the house and write up a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

Best Cash Home Buyers in Merrydale, Louisiana

Selling your Merrydale home the traditional way can be stressful and take a long time. Repairs and updates will be needed, along with staging, showings, and a buyer. Plus, when working with a real estate agent, there will be a large commission taken out of your profit. When choosing to work with a cash buyer like Geaux Home Buyers, however, you can sell your house fast without needing to take any time to prepare the house for sale. We buy houses in any condition, can complete the transaction on your timeline, and make everything as simple as possible. 

Whether you’re looking to avoid foreclosure, want to sell a house that needs tons of work, or simply want to move, we can help you. We purchase properties in any condition, so whether you own a home that’s nearly new or a house that’s on the verge of falling apart, we can make you an offer.

Interested in getting a cash offer for your Merrydale house? Want to know more about how we work? Then contact us today to get the ball rolling!

Sell Your House Fast in 4 Easy Steps

At Geaux Home Buyers, we aim to help Merrydale homeowners sell their properties as quickly and easily as possible. We’re able to do that because we’ve streamlined the traditional home-selling process into just three straightforward, simple steps. Here’s what you’ll need to do to sell your house fast for cash:

Step 1

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It’s simple. We’ve provided you with all of the opportunities you need to reach out and start the home-selling process in Merrydale today. Fill out our contact form on this page, or call our office during the week. When we have your contact and property information, we can get started.

Step 2

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Schedule a Walkthrough

Once you submit your form or call our office, we’ll do our absolute best to reach out within minutes and arrange a convenient walkthrough. We’ll meet in person, discuss your goals as a seller, and examine the house or property in question.

Step 3

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Receive a Cash Offer

After a thorough walkthrough, our home buyers will be able to assess the value of your house. Within 24 hours of our meetup, you’ll receive a fair cash offer. It’s that simple! Even better, with our cash offer, there are no hidden fees or commissions. We don’t take a cut off the top. The money is yours to keep forever!

Step 4

Sell Your Home!

If you accept our fair cash offer, we’ll work with you and your schedule to sell fast. In the past, we have helped Merrydale area homeowners in your shoes sell within a matter of weeks, not months so that you can move on with your life. It takes just one phone call to get started.

After you sell, you don’t have to vacate the property immediately—we can work with you on a move-out timeline if you need some time to arrange your relocation. We aim to be as flexible as possible, so just let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to make it work.

We Buy Merrydale Houses in Any Condition

Whether you’re looking to sell a home that’s in pristine condition or a house that needs expensive repairs, we can make you a fair cash offer for your Merrydale home. As real estate investors, we can handle any repairs your home might need after we close the sale. Even if you haven’t been able to sell on the open market, we’re more than willing to buy your house. Curious about what we can offer you for your Merrydale-area home? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us today or contact us online to get a fair cash offer for your house! Go here to learn about our process →

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