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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cash-for-Homes Process

Maybe you have a few questions. That’s okay; most people do. Here is a quick collection of some of the questions people ask us, along with our answers. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We would be happy to answer it for you.

If I enter my information, am I obligated to sell?

No. You are never obligated to sell your house until you sign a formal contract with a formal offer that you like. You can get an offer to see if you’re interested without any fees or issues and make up your mind after that.

What kinds of fees will I have to pay when selling my home?

You don’t have to worry about fees. We calculate all of it into the offer. There is no real estate commission. There are no hidden fees or add ons later.

What are the benefits of selling to you versus a real estate agent?

We offer an easy process. We offer a fast process. We also offer a guaranteed process. With a real estate agent, you’re paying someone a percentage of what your home is worth with no guarantees. The house can sit on listings indefinitely. There are no promises on how much you’ll get for your house, and whatever price finally sells, you lose a chunk of it to a realtor. The only real advantage of using a realtor is that you get to potentially see more offers before you sell, but you can do that and get an offer from us if you want.

How is the offering price for my house determined?

We determine housing prices the same way as any appraiser. We look at the layout of the house (more square footage is typically more valuable), the value of the neighborhood, and the condition of the house. We buy houses in all conditions, so it’s often a big factor, but we’ll value a house in great condition similarly to anyone else.

What do you do with the home after you purchase it?

We are real estate investors. The goal is to make money off of the house. Sometimes we flip them. Sometimes we rent them. Sometimes it’s a little more complicated. What you can assume is that we will invest in the property in order to make a profit from it.

Will you buy my house if I am behind on the mortgage?

Yes. In fact, that’s a situation we see frequently. Sometimes, the best way to get out from under a tough mortgage is to sell the house, and we can help you beat impending foreclosure with a fast sale. We can also approach your lender to try and expand options for both you and us. It saves everyone (especially you) a little time and money.

What are the steps for selling my home?

We break the process into four steps. Contact us, schedule a walkthrough, get an offer, decide to sell. That’s it. For most sellers, filling out the contact form is the most complicated step in the process. If you know where you live, how we can reach you, and a few basics about your house, then you’re ready to tackle the biggest “hurdle” to selling your house. It really is that easy.

How long does it take to sell my home?

With us, you can sell your house fast. While there’s no pressure on you to sell quickly, we can accommodate extreme circumstances and have closed on homes in as little as three days. The average turnaround time is closer to two weeks, but we have slowed the process to a matter of months to accommodate sellers.

Do I have to move out right after you buy my house?

No. As part of the process, we’ll discuss a move-out plan with you. Even after receiving your offer, you don’t have to decide right away. If you like the offer, you can choose a move-out date that works for you. We can afford to be pretty flexible on it.

Can I sell my house if I live out of state?

Yes. We work with out-of-state homeowners all the time. We have a location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so we can help you coordinate whatever you need to make the sale work.

Do I need to perform repairs before you buy my house?

No, but you should understand that the condition of your house will impact our offer. If we have to take on repairs, it will lower the offer, but it won’t scare us away. We make as-is offers. Whether or not repairs will be a worthwhile investment before you sell is a complicated question and is best answered case by case.

What types of houses do you buy?

We buy all kinds of houses, and we really mean it. We buy houses in foreclosures, houses that need extensive repairs, condemned houses, brand new houses, and houses that are a piece of history. We have bought and hope to buy again houses in all of those categories. If it’s zoned as a house, we’re interested, and we’ll make an offer.

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