About Us

Who We Are

President and CEO Stephen Norton established Geaux Home Buyers years ago to pursue his passion for real estate. For more than a decade, he has been negotiating real estate deals to help people receive cash for properties, upgrade their lifestyles, and make the most of what real estate has to offer in Baton Rouge. Over the years, Norton learned the value of simplifying property deals, which led him to create Geaux Home Buyers.

Norton now heads a team of passionate developers who empower homeowners to sell their properties when and how they choose. Geaux Home Buyers doesn’t have a slow brokerage process. We aren’t throwing you open houses and promising to one day sell your property. We are working professionally and expediently to make you a direct offer, no matter the condition or value of your home. We are about consistency. Above all else, you can trust that we are willing and able to purchase your property.

Why We Are the Best in Baton Rouge

Our goal is to provide you the easiest, lowest-stress home-selling process possible. We take as much of the burden as we can so that your only decision is about whether you want to sell or not. We handle appraisals, paperwork, and everything else. If you like the deal, you just sign. Real estate can’t get any easier, and our commitment to speed and ease is what will give you the best experience possible.

When you need cash for a property, we are the most reliable resource you have for selling that property and getting your cash quickly. You won’t find a more professional and expedient team anywhere in Baton Rouge. That’s our promise to you.