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Advantage of a Cash Offer on Your House

At Geaux Home Buyers LLC, we know there are many reasons why someone might need to sell a home.

Maybe you just inherited a property that you do not want. Maybe you need to relocate for a new job or opportunity. Maybe you have some unforeseen circumstances and can no longer afford your mortgage payments. Maybe you thought a home could have been a nice fixer-upper, but you just don’t have the time or finances. Maybe you thought a property would be a good rental investment, but the market has shifted, or you just do not want to be a landlord.

Or maybe you’re just in a pinch and need some relief from the burden of owning a home.

Whatever the reason or circumstance, accepting a cash offer on your home is a great opportunity.

Why Are Cash Offers Good?

A cash offer on a house means actual cash is on the table. There is no lender or bank involved, and the buyer offers a cash amount to the homeowner to buy the house that they can cover with their own available funds. Cash offers on a home are fairly simple transactions and often take a whole lot less time to complete, which makes them extremely desirable for many sellers.

What Are the Specific Advantages of a Cash Offer?

There are many advantages of a cash offer on your home:

  • Since a cash offer means the buyer has the funds available on their own, a level of “middleman logistics” is cut out of the transaction completely. The buyer and seller can easily work together one-on-one personally to complete the transaction without any banks or lenders in the mix.
  • Closings happen a lot faster in cash offer situations, and the seller does not have to wait for a loan approval process or anything like that to go through first. Months upon months of back and forward and waiting time can actually be shaved off of the entire buying/selling process with a cash offer.
  • With a cash offer, a buyer has usually done their own due diligence, so oftentimes no appraisals are needed on the seller’s end. In fact, no appraisals are usually needed at all. This saves additional time and costs associated with a sale as well and cuts out another set of fees.
  • A cash offer is often presented at face value, meaning the buyer wants to purchase the home as is. In this situation, the seller does not need to make improvements or complete renovations in order to finalize the sale. The buyer is taking the risk and is offering an amount for the home and/or property without any additional work, repairs, or upgrades needed.
  • With a cash offer, the buyer knows where the money for the sale is coming from up front and does not need to worry about getting paid quickly.
  • Since cash offers happen faster, if the seller is in a bad situation or needs to sell a home in a short period of time, this is a great solution. The housing market can change day-to-day like the flip of a switch and can dry up just as quickly. Homes across the country have been on the market for months if not years waiting for the right buyer, but if you need out quickly, a cash offer is the way to go.
  • If a home buyer goes the route of a cash offer, there is also no need to show the house or market the house for sale through expensive and involved advertising campaigns.

The main thing a seller needs to take into consideration with a cash offer is that the buyer will set the offer based on their own research, their current available funding, and the actual state of your home and/or property. Oftentimes this means what a house is theoretically valued at will not be the same as what is presented with a cash offer. While buyers will take market value, tax value, curb appeal, and more into consideration, they want to avoid all the back and forward negotiations and paperwork as well.

We Buy Houses, Baton Rouge!

If you are located in the Baton Rouge or surrounding areas and want to sell your house fast, the team at Geaux Home Buyers LLC is here to buy your home for cash. We guarantee you will get a fair all-cash offer on your home, regardless of the condition. Give us a call or complete our quick informational form online so we can get the process going in a timely fashion.

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