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Who are the cash house buyers in Baton Rouge, LA?

Cash House Buyers In Baton Rouge, LA

Anyone who has ever sold a home will tell you that it’s a long and stressful process — that is, almost anyone. Some people manage to sell their houses for cash, and they don’t have the same war stories. Have you ever wondered who is posting the signs that say they’ll buy your house for cash? Cash buyers exist throughout Baton Rouge, but who exactly are these people claiming to buy houses for cash? Are they legitimate?

How to Determine if a Cash House Buyer is Legitimate

There are a few indicators that an offer to buy your house for cash is a scam. First is if the company has no web presence. Most legitimate companies want to be found on the web. If all you have is a name and phone number and you can’t find a Facebook page, website, Google My Business listing, or any other trace of them online, then be wary.

The next is to look at the company’s reviews online. If someone’s been scammed by a company, that person will often leave a negative review online to warn others away. Look for those warnings in the reviews. Mostly positive reviews, on the other hand, indicate that you can probably trust the company.

The final indicator is how pushy the people are. A good real estate investor has both your best intentions and their own at mind. They’ll take the time to walk you through their valuation of your house and give you a period of time (usually up to 30 days) to consider the offer. They’ll let you know that you don’t have to commit to anything until and unless you accept the offer and sign the paperwork. If, at any point during your communication with a home buyer, you feel like they’re pressuring you to sell, then find a different buyer.

Who is a Trustworthy Cash Home Buyer in Baton Rouge?

Geaux Home Buyers is a property investment business located in Baton Rouge, LA. We regularly purchase homes for cash in order to improve them. Sometimes we redevelop properties. Sometimes we flip properties. Sometimes we rent them. In all cases, the story starts when someone wants to sell their home for cash. By going this route, you can skip a lot of red tape and get through the selling process faster and with greater ease. The point of a cash sale is simplicity. Allow us to walk you through the process.

How It Works

When we buy your house, we reduce the entire process to four easy steps. You won’t find a simpler way to sell a house anywhere. Here’s how the cash-for-homes process works:

1. Contact Us

To get started, let us know that you’re thinking about selling. You can fill out our online form or give us a call. We’ll ask you some basic questions about the house in order to get an idea of what you have. These questions will include things like the address, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and other similar details. This allows us to establish some basics so we can start taking care of the whole process for you.

It’s important to know that contacting us is not a commitment. You aren’t required to sell just because you answered a few questions. At the end of the process, we’ll make you an offer. Only when you accept our cash offer are you committing to selling your house.

2. Schedule a Walkthrough

Once we know you’re interested, we’ll reach out to you. The purpose of this step is to schedule a walkthrough so we can assess the condition of the house. If you need to sell your house quickly, we can typically schedule a walkthrough in just two days. If that’s not convenient, we’ll work with you to pick an amenable time.

When we walk through the house, we’ll take care of assessment and appraisal. The entire point of the walkthrough is so we can get an expert eye on the property. This is possibly the most important step in the process, and all you need to do is let us in. We’ll handle the rest.

3. Get an Offer

After we have assessed the property, we’ll make a cash offer. Please note that we will make a cash offer for every home we see. Even if your home is brand new or condemned, we’ll make you an offer. Everyone who wants an offer gets one. That’s our promise to you. The offer will reflect our estimate of the home’s value minus what we’ll have to put into it once you sell. We are property investors, and we want to bring your house to its full potential.

When you get your offer, you have complete freedom. If you don’t like the offer, you can say so. No worries. If you like the offer, then we’ll take you through the final step.

4. Close the House

When you accept our cash offer, we’ll take you through the closing process. We can rush this if you need that, or we can work with a move-out schedule that suits your needs. The process is flexible, but we can have cash in your hands for the property in just two weeks, if that’s the route you choose. This is the part that does involve paperwork and planning, but we’ll take you through the whole process. Because we’re a cash buyer, there’s no waiting on formalities from a bank or lender. You have complete autonomy in the sale, and you can make sure it goes the way you like.

Geaux Home Buyers is here to help you with your living situation. If you think selling is a good option, we can make it a reality. Even if you aren’t sure what is best for you, contact us. We can help you explore your options and come up with a plan that feels right.

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